Thinking about sending out a letter or maybe looking into writing a new postcard?

Before you are able to do this, you are going to need a stamp. This is how you are going to get it sent to the right place and not have issues arise along the way. It is important to invest in buying stamps as soon as you can so it works out well for you.

Here are some of the best places to go out and buy stamps if you are hoping to get a set as soon as you can.


USPS is a good starting point for anyone that is looking to get their hands on stamps.

Being able to head online to is going to make things simpler and they will deliver the stamps to your front door. This makes it easier when you have to send out a letter and want to ensure you don’t move around while looking for stamps. They will have them and are going to get out to you as soon as you want.

This is the best place to go because it is straight from the source. You are not guessing as to how you are going to get the stamps or who is going to deliver them. It is going to come through the post and they are going to do it themselves. The simplicity of relying on a system such as this makes it intriguing and often the right way to go. There are other options that will be listed below but for most USPS is a good starting point and all they will need to get their hands on the right stamps.

Go to their website and make the order now to get the stamps on time.


Banks are a good option because you are going to know they are a reliable source. They are a proper financial institution and are not going to dupe you with what they are offering. This makes it easier to walk in and get the postage stamps you are after instead of having to worry about how you are going to get your hands on them.

Of course, the issue with going to a bank is the hours.

They might not be open at all times of the day, so for those who are in a rush, you are going to find this to be annoying. However, for those who do have time to spare and want to get their postage stamps by walking into an institution, a local bank might be the ideal option instead of having it delivered by USPS.

This is an option you will be able to look into and make a decision on. Please remember, the banks are not going to be looking to offer anything else related to the stamps so you will only be getting what you are coming for and nothing else.


Walmart is a great store and one that is going to have everything you could dream of when it comes to the process of sending a letter/postcard.

You will be able to pick up the stamps at the location too as long as you have a Walmart in the area. Most parts of the USA will have a Walmart, so you can rush on over and pick out the stamps that are necessary. A professional at the location will be able to help you out and make the process simpler.

Walmart is a good option for those who want a 24/7 location because most are open throughout the day and night. This is better if you are in a rush and don’t want to go to an online store. By being able to rush through and pick out a stamp as soon as you want, it becomes convenient and something you can rely on.

Walmart is safe, affordable, and a great option for those who need to send their letter as soon as possible. You will not have to wait and Walmart is going to have the stock you are looking for as well. It is the simplicity that is intriguing.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are an incredible option for a number of things and that is going to include the stamps that are on sale.

The only issue with going to a gas station is you will not know if that particular branch has stamps or not. Some will be willing to sell them and others will not. It is going to depend on what they are stocking at the location and it is something you will have to walk in and ask for to see if they do have them. If necessary, you should be willing to give them a quick call to see if they keep it in stock before you walk over or look to make the purchase. It will save time and you will know the trip won’t be futile.

In most cases, the leading gas stations are going to have postage stamps because there is a demand for them. This is ideal for those who may not have a Walmart near them or don’t want to go online to make the purchase. Gas stations are quick, nearby, and will offer the right postage stamps for your needs.

This is convenient and a good option for most especially with 24/7 gas stations.


Yes, this is something you may not realize at the moment but ATMs are carrying postage stamps in this day and age.

A lot of people don’t realize but ATMs do hold a lot of value and they are only growing stronger with time. Those who are looking to get their hands on postage stamps may need to walk over to the ATM and get what they want. Yes, it is that simple!

In most cases, it is going to depend on where you reside for the ATMs to provide postage stamps. For example, there are parts of the East coast that do not have these ATMs so you should be looking to do a quick search online to see which parts of town have the right ATMs.

It is an exercise that is going to take time and might not be convenient for you depending on where you live right now. It is something that is going to vary on a case-to-case basis and is something you should be looking into because it will help in the future as well.

More and more ATMs are adding these with time because there is a demand.


Pharmacies are not the first thing you are going to think about when it comes to postage stamps.

Most people assume they are not going to need to spend money at these pharmacies for anything beyond medicine and that is wrong. There are many leading pharmacies that are going to include postage stamps as an option and will make it easier to buy. The pharmacies that are renowned for offering postage stamps include Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid. Any other pharmacy is going to vary based on demand and what they are willing to stock. In general, the average pharmacy is going to have postage stamps available for you to buy.

If not, you can take a look at the big names in the industry and head to one of their locations as soon as possible. They will be able to assist you and get the stamps in your hands right away.

Pharmacies are one of those options that should be on your mind when you are looking for stamps. It is going to take a few seconds to pick them up and in most cases, you are not going to have to deal with the rush of other locations or long lines either.

Grocery Stores

If you are going to be doing groceries, why not buy your stamps from there too?

All of the leading grocery stores are going to have a small section where they keep postage stamps for you. You can walk in and ask for them and they will be able to guide you to the right spot inside. If you have a major grocery store in the city, you will most likely have stamps on offer too.

Some of these locations are 24/7 making it even easier for you to get your hands on what is needed.

Of course, if you are dealing with a smaller town where the grocery store is not as large, this may not be an option for you. It is good to take a look around because grocery stores do realize there is a demand for these stamps and are going to have them available.

Office Supply Stores

In the past, this was not an option and most stores selling office supplies tended to veer away from postage stamps for one reason or another.

Is that the case now?

There has been an upsurge in the number of stores that are in this industry that do sell postage stamps nowadays. This has to do with the demand and their ability to sell a lot of stamps during the week. You will be able to walk into the leading stores such as Staples to pick out stamps if necessary.

Other stores that may have stamps include Office Depot and Office Max.

The beauty of being able to go to these stores is knowing you can pick out other things for the letter/postcard as well. It is going to make shopping that much easier for you.


The final option on the list is a good one and the most appropriate for those who want a good deal but want to get it at home.

This is a direct competitor versus for those who are looking to get the stamps as soon as possible. Since most of the stamps are going to be kept at the Amazon warehouse, you will be able to get it delivered to you much faster than what USPS may offer.

This is ideal for those who are in a rush and need the stamps by a specific time.

Waiting around is not a good option and isn’t something to look into. You need to go to Amazon and look at their options before buying. The only problem with Amazon is you are not going to be able to buy one or two stamps at a time. You will need to buy an entire sheet since they are shipping it out to you.

These are the best places to go out and buy postage stamps on time.